We Are #1

Businesses WIN!  Advertising is expensive but necessary to maintain a successful growing business. Studies show less than 2% of the billions of coupons distributed annually by newspapers and/or direct mail companies to consumers (who get them free) are ever redeemed. So we ask, "Why do businesses pay for a "system" where over 98% of the coupons wind up in the trash!"

KeyCard reverses the advertising "system". Businesses don't pay to advertise in exchange that they give us BETTER DEALS than anywhere else. Since the coupon and/or card discounts are their ONLY cost, the ONLY time they have a cost is when a KeyCard member comes in and buys something. Thus, our "system" is 100% efficient. No wonder we have an all-star lineup of hundreds of businesses that participate with more always being added!

Consumers WIN! Because our deals are BETTER, consumers are willing to pay a small fee ($25 annually) which they get much more in return just with a couple uses alone. No more hassles with direct mail coupons and magazines that are filled with ads from businesses you hardly ever use, have short term expiration dates and most of all, NOT the best deals these businesses can offer you because they have to "pay" hefty fees to the advertising company.

Fund Raising Groups WIN! We believe in giving back to our community. For that reason, over 90% of KeyCards are sold by local schools, churches and other organizations that desperately need money for kids and other projects that benefit us all. Groups receive over 50% of the sales while providing a unique product with SIGNIFICANT VALUE where parents can save many times their $25 donation to help their local cause.

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